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Adult Beginner Watercolor Basics

Hope, Harmony, and Healing Through Art.

  • Pensacola

What You Need to Know

Have you ever wanted to learn how to experience the fluidity and freedom of watercolors? I want you to be able to create in a non-judgemental and comfortable setting. I'm opening up my home for a small, intimate class. This class is for adult ladies only and will have a max of 6 students. This class is for students wanting to learn, study, and experience the amazing medium of watercolor. We will meet for approximately 2 hours each Monday night for three weeks starting January the 15th and ending January 29th. Watercolor supplies are provided for use in class. Light refreshments and tea will also be served. You just need to bring yourself! In class one we will learn: how to pick your paper, brushes, and paints, color theory, color mixing, watercolor tips, tricks, and techniques. In class two we will learn: how to sketch out your design and background techniques. In class three we will learn: how to get started painting, blending, layering, outlining, and highlighting. Watercoloring cannot be rushed. It is a process. It helps those of us who like to have control to realize we don't have control, and that's okay. Watercolors are organic; moving with the grain of the paper, splitting, dividing, and swirling. It's beautiful. It's freeing. It's imperfect and wonderful, and can be messy. Teaching and painting are my passions, and I can't wait for you to go along on this journey with me!

Contact Details

  • Pensacola, FL, USA

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